Aries : Mar 21st - April 21st

There's always something admirable about self-restraint. But there are limits to how long any of us can sustain it if we don't see tangible benefits to doing so. In other words, it's often not enough to gain only pride from restricting ourselves in some way. We need to see evidence of the fact that it's the right thing to do if we're to continue doing it. Restraint or patience you've shown recently will be rewarded. Just hang in there for a little bit longer.


Taurus : Apr 21st - May 22nd

There can always be something reassuring and frustrating about offering input or insights that are more welcome than we thought they'd be. We like to feel reassured that we drew attention to something others hadn't considered and benefited from. But we can also feel frustrated due to believing we should have spoken up sooner. If you're in two minds about whether you should speak up in some way now, then summon the courage to do so.


Gemini : May 22nd - Jun 22nd

Somebody might be keen to pursue a plan that inspires and motivates them. But do you see this as an inconvenience to you? Although you might be concerned about the limited options you have, this development is unlikely to come as a surprise. But if someone is determined to pursue their own path, then be supportive and wish them all the best. Also, remember that nature abhors a vacuum. Emptiness in your world will likely be brief.


Cancer : Jun 22nd - Jul 24th

Success, as the old saying goes, comes in 'cans,' not 'cannots.' Although you might understand why someone views a situation pessimistically, you bring a 'can do' attitude to it that could ensure any negativity is short-lived. That's one of the benefits of keeping your eye on a bigger picture. If they knew what you know or believed what you believe, then they'd likely see something differently. Help them gently to adopt a different viewpoint.


Leo : Jul 24th - Aug 24th

Don't underestimate how a generous act on your part could touch the heart of a particular person. You might believe you're doing what's right and may not give much thought to the implications of doing so. But you can trust that somebody will be aware of your support or possibly the way you've gone out on a limb on their behalf. Soon, you could find your gesture is repaid surprisingly and wonderfully.


Virgo : Aug 24th - Sep 24th

With uncertainty replacing stability, you could feel tempted to set yourself more ambitious goals. Sure, progress or success won't come through a window or land in your lap. But you could feel reassured that consistent effort made in a particular area, underpinned with the right levels of enthusiasm, will bring a pleasing result. You appear to be learning more about what you're capable of. Trust that there may be delightful surprises in store.


Libra : Sep 24th - Oct 24th

Your innate ability to find balance could come in handy if you must distinguish between confidence and humility. But progress could rely on you accepting that you may have to explain yourself more than you intended to strengthen a team or collaborative effort. You could be a few steps ahead of others where a vision or an aspiration is concerned. Reminding others of what's 'in it for them' for this to achieve success may not be a bad idea, either.


Scorpio : Oct 24th - Nov 23rd

I'm willing to bet that few people doubt your cleverness or astuteness. You probably prefer to keep discoveries that fascinate you to yourself before revealing them to others. This can give the impression that your life ticks along uneventfully when you know that's not the case. There are likely benefits to all concerned regarding you sharing thoughts or revelations. You might be choosing the right time to do so anyway, but there really is no time like the present.


Sagittarius : Nov 23rd - Dec 23rd

Your idea about how something should be done, handled, or managed could differ considerably from someone else's. But ask yourself honestly if you're at risk of pushing for something that may result in the proverbial 'baby' being 'thrown out with the bathwater,' as the old saying goes. What you see as a logical 'quick fix' solution could have medium to long-term consequences. Whatever solution you come up with, try to look well beyond the present.


Capricorn : Dec 23rd - Jan 21st

Even if your options appear more limited or restrictive than you wish they were, that doesn't mean you're not in an advantageous position to create the security and stability you need. A situation or possibly an arrangement is likely more stable than you believe it to be. Rather than ponder a long list of unhelpful 'what ifs', focus instead on what can be built upon or consolidated. Don't make the mistake of overlooking how momentum you've worked hard to achieve can benefit you now.


Aquarius : Jan 21st - Feb 20th

If you were to create a list of people whom you believe understand what you think or feel about a sensitive matter, then that list might appear to be a short one. But that doesn't mean you don't have an abundance of support where you need it. If you project a cool and 'all is hunky-dory' exterior, then others are unlikely to probe or dig deeper to see what's going on behind your eyes or in your heart. Trust that one or two would appreciate you telling them this.


Pisces : Feb 20th - Mar 21st

You could be enthusiastic about a vision or an idea that you're certain someone can benefit from. They may naturally wonder why, if you're so excited about it, you don't pursue it yourself. But your compassionate and generous side is likely kicking in, and your advice or suggestions are bound to have this person's best interests at heart. Try to put them in the picture - but also accept that a decision is theirs.