Aries : Mar 21st - April 21st

Do impatient people connect with other impatient people - or find them annoying? That's a general question, by the way, and not aimed particularly at you! But your keenness to get something moving appears to need the cooperation of somebody equally keen to get something moving with your assistance. This two-way pressure can help if a shared - and possibly unfounded - sense of urgency is reduced slightly.


Taurus : Apr 21st - May 22nd

When we hear someone say the words 'that will do,' we can believe they're 'cutting a corner,' 'taking a shortcut,' or unconcerned about a result. But sometimes, those words are spot-on for a situation. They're appropriate if enough has genuinely been done in some way. Try to be aware of the point at which you can accept that you've applied enough effort.


Gemini : May 22nd - Jun 22nd

Everyone has their own idea about miracles. It's a shame that we associate them too often with magic wands and unseen forces. I accept that current global circumstances make it difficult to focus on the miracles that happen on planet Earth every second of every day. But somehow, in your world now, you could find that what you thought would never happen defies explanation!


Cancer : Jun 22nd - Jul 24th

Imagine if a legal form of 'happy pill' became available, and everyone took one daily. If the tablets worked, everyone would be happy, and the world would be infinitely better. Or would it? Without gloomy people, those bringing bright rays of sunshine to others' worlds would be more difficult to spot. With little effort, you can be the uniquely natural, 'positive tonic' someone needs now.


Leo : Jul 24th - Aug 24th

If someone makes a mistake that turns out to be to our advantage, then the right thing to do involves pointing this out. We know that the error might be found eventually. That may look bad on us for not coming forward. But you could identify a loophole in an arrangement or a system that helps you make progress in a way you didn't think you would. There's no 'catch' and nothing dishonest about this. Go for it!


Virgo : Aug 24th - Sep 24th

As a sign renowned for thoroughness and detail, you probably dislike anything left unresolved. But you might struggle to know what to do with an open-ended emotional matter now. Maybe it was left dangling for a reason. Perhaps, it played a part in helping something to heal. You could feel more able to bring closure in a particular way now than you have done in the past. This is bound to put your mind at rest.


Libra : Sep 24th - Oct 24th

If you stay where you are, is it only a matter of time before a wave of upheaval you'd prefer not to experience comes your way? If you take a bold step, then do you not invite that upheaval to arrive prematurely? Either way, you will have the implications and symptoms of change to deal with. But if a change is truly needed, then brief disruption is a small price to pay to finally embrace it. Try to focus on the positivity surrounding that.


Scorpio : Oct 24th - Nov 23rd

Cooking always involves having to throw something away during the process. We look inside refrigerators and discover what should have been removed some time ago. We discard such items and think nothing of it. We have no emotional attachment to them. It would be strange if we did! Consider that with something you know you must release. Ask yourself honestly why you might have such a strong, unusual emotional attachment to it. It may, genuinely, no longer be needed.


Sagittarius : Nov 23rd - Dec 23rd

When optimism is determined to have a loud voice or make itself known, realism taps it on the shoulder. It wants to accompany it. Then, the two agree on the extent to which realism will be involved. Okay, I accept that might sound a bit daft. But optimism without realism is daydreaming. You're right to feel inspired but are also right to remain tethered to reality now.


Capricorn : Dec 23rd - Jan 21st

Is there more to someone's thoughts and actions than you're sensing or seeing? Your assessment of a particular person's world may be based only on information provided on a need-to-know basis. That probably doesn't help you feel secure. But you can trust that somebody appreciates your willingness to be a patient observer, for now. They might be getting to grips with information themselves before putting you in the picture.


Aquarius : Jan 21st - Feb 20th

There can be a fine line between doing something spontaneously and impatiently. The former can be attributed to taking a confident risk or action. The latter might involve frustration adding fuel to doing something. When that happens, we allow impetuousness to replace confidence. There is, of course, always something slightly thrilling about spontaneity, too. If you've thought through what you're keen to bring, then step forward confidently!


Pisces : Feb 20th - Mar 21st

The fact that your sign is co-ruled by Jupiter is often overlooked by many. The planet of optimism and luck among many things likely adds fuel to your imaginative and dreamy visions. But Jupiter also rules justice. That can put you in an advantageous position to bring it, when necessary. With the right sensitivity or compassion levels, you can bring a result now or shortly that you'll believe to be fair.