Aries : Mar 21st - April 21st

Everyone has different ways of conveying themselves if they've offered assistance and felt it hasn't been acknowledged or appreciated. In an area of your world, it might be necessary for you to tread carefully where assistance or advice you've offered to a certain person is concerned. You could inadvertently cross a line that it's in your - and their - best interests for you to remain behind!


Taurus : Apr 21st - May 22nd

The saying about a need to break eggs to make omelets comes to mind now. In other words, something must be sacrificed to accomplish something else. It's not uncommon for progress to work similarly. There are times when we must be prepared to let something go or accept that it has fulfilled its use. If you sense it's necessary to do so now, then try to recognize the importance of releasing something to make space for something better.


Gemini : May 22nd - Jun 22nd

Everyone has something they want to prove to themselves and others. We all want to be seen to rise to challenges rather than shy away from them. However, your desire to rise to one now could have more to do with proving something to a certain person than it does satisfying a personal need. Although you'll undoubtedly benefit from doing so, will be helpful to ensure that your main reason for achieving something isn't to impress - or silence - someone else.


Cancer : Jun 22nd - Jul 24th

There appears to be a particular obligation that you know you can't shirk and possibly a decision that must be made about where your main responsibilities lie. However, you're human. There are limits to what you can do to keep certain people happy or ensure numerous plates remain spinning. That's why you're encouraged to reassess the responsibilities you have with a view to determining those that are most important. It might be time for others to understand that you're not as obliged to be at their 'beck and call' as they believe you are.


Leo : Jul 24th - Aug 24th

You're probably aware that it's not appropriate to deny what you feel at this time, even if it surprises you. Where are you may have felt it was necessary to be detached or pursue something solo, the need to involve yourself more deeply with a situation or maybe an individual could intensify. This could bring a change in attitude on your part, which might explain why certain feelings are changing, too. It might be time to look a bit more closely at what can be done collaboratively.


Virgo : Aug 24th - Sep 24th

It could be easy and possibly convenient to pass a certain “buck.“ The same could apply to a Finger of Blame pointed a particular person's direction. However, as you do either or both, what plans do you think they have in mind? Chances are, they intend to do the same - to you! This process could go on indefinitely if you want to. However, I'm certain you don't. Neither, if they're honest, does someone else. To resolve this, you need to bring an abrupt halt to it. All that's needed is for you to be big, brave, and sensitive.


Libra : Sep 24th - Oct 24th

You have superb cosmic support available to you now. However, this probably won't manifest as something you see. It's more likely to be something you feel instead. A way forward is about to become obvious, and the steps you need to take are about to become clear. Where confusion or uncertainty have been rife regarding a certain matter, you're about to receive a welcome and timely push toward a necessary direction. Trust that you're well looked after.


Scorpio : Oct 24th - Nov 23rd

Even when two people meet who don't speak each other's language, it's still possible for a pleasant exchange to occur. We're all able to convey ourselves in ways that don't always require words. Consider this where communication between you and a particular person is concerned now. It is possible to make a point clearly with a gesture or action that they're bound to understand.


Sagittarius : Nov 23rd - Dec 23rd

A boost to your motivation levels could manifest as a growing sense of urgency. If it continues to increase, then it could be misinterpreted as fear. Therefore, it's important that you don't misunderstand the way you're driven or pushed a particular direction as a reason to be fearful. There is action you must take, and you could feel understandably hesitant about taking it. However, as long as anything you do isn't motivated by fear, then all will be fine.


Capricorn : Dec 23rd - Jan 21st

Victor Frankenstein's monster was brought to life dramatically by a powerful, concentrated surge of lightning. We also know that, when energy is focused in precise ways, amazing things can happen. Where you might believe an area of your world is dormant, you could be proved wrong. All that's required is concentrated energy from you. Once you apply it, you could be 'shocked' in the most wonderful way at how you have given life to what you believed to be lifeless!


Aquarius : Jan 21st - Feb 20th

A couple of weeks ago, your ruling planet, Uranus, decided to take a break. It's now moving backward and will do so until January. This provides you with helpful - and possibly necessary - planning and preparation time. You're encouraged to focus on what you want the planet of change and revolution to assist you with. This might also explain why you might feel unsure about what you once felt certain of. Allow clarity, inspiration, and reassurance to arrive.


Pisces : Feb 20th - Mar 21st

We've all seen in cartoons and action films how somebody chased in a vehicle throws all kinds of obstacles out of a window in an attempt to thwart the pursuer. An anvil. A kitchen sink.Venomous snakes. Whatever. The ludicrous list goes on. However, the determined pursuer isn't deterred by any of these. Similarly, if you can see certain obstacles to a plan as amusing and surmountable, then you too could find that you effortlessly overcome them!