Aries : Mar 21st - April 21st

Giving without expectation is always the best kind of giving. But when we offer what we know to be an act of love that comes from the depths of our heart, then we can be certain this won't be overlooked by the recipient of our benevolent gesture. A generous act on your part could be more far-reaching than you think it will be. Give in whatever way feels right, right now.


Taurus : Apr 21st - May 22nd

Although you might need to summon restraint or self-discipline, you have a chance to treat yourself to at least one sensual delight. It may require sensible spending, but if it has been some time since you treated yourself, then look at the umpteen reasons you deserve to do so. Joy and contentment aren't privileges; they're rights. See what you can do to boost more of both in your world.


Gemini : May 22nd - Jun 22nd

If someone offers help or support in some way, then don't be quick to dismiss either. Look closely at the experience this person has that can benefit you. A partnership or collaboration might not get underway instantly. But proper foundations will be put in place to ensure whatever you do together will be done properly – or successfully. There are benefits to playing to each other's strengths.


Cancer : Jun 22nd - Jul 24th

If you need essential 'you time' to focus attention on something important to you, then you probably won't struggle to get one or two others to agree to give you the necessary space. But there is a 'quid pro quo' thing going on here. Once you emerge from giving diligent focus to whatever it is, you will be expected to return. Don't convince yourself that maintaining distance will be necessary.


Leo : Jul 24th - Aug 24th

Gaining pleasure from something you're skilled at is one thing. But to be paid for it is another. It could occur to you that there is a way to enhance your financial status by making better use of a talent or knowledge you possess. But try to create a sensible plan to draw others' attention to what you can offer. It's unrealistic to expect them to come flocking to you.


Virgo : Aug 24th - Sep 24th

You bring a unique blend of experience and wisdom to a shared or collaborative effort. But you could discover you may have sold yourself slightly short regarding what you bring to a new employer. Although your ideas could be exactly what someone wants to hear, it might take them time to get their head around them. Try to offer any insights in a drip-fed rather than an avalanche-like way.


Libra : Sep 24th - Oct 24th

Yes, a situation could appear cut and dried and may need you to do something 'by the book.' But before you allow your head to have too loud a voice, trust what your heart has to say about the matter. It is possible to do the right thing in others' eyes. But it's also possible - and essential - to do the right thing in a way your heart dictates. You know what that is.


Scorpio : Oct 24th - Nov 23rd

You might be aware that your focus is enhanced regarding how you look now. But you're not 'keeping up appearances' to please others. You know it's not about how you look; it's about the way the changes or alterations make you feel inside. You want to glow in some way - and are absolutely right to believe that you deserve to!


Sagittarius : Nov 23rd - Dec 23rd

Connect with any enhanced feelings of courageousness that can put you in a spotlight in some way. Proverbial or otherwise, you can excel at 'putting yourself out there.' Your optimism fuels a desire to show others what you're capable of. Push aside any fears that have prevented you from doing so previously. Step up to the plate or step forward. Your future happiness could start here.


Capricorn : Dec 23rd - Jan 21st

A desire to increase structure in your world could be connected to an equal keenness to enhance security. You see the two working hand-in-hand as they often do. But knowing what you want and need could add a bit too much fuel to an already assertive personality. Focus on your strengths but do so manageably and sensitively.


Aquarius : Jan 21st - Feb 20th

You could spot more than one opportunity to 'branch out' in some way. Generally, the territory you venture toward will be inspiring. But even when it's not, you'll still be helped to separate what you want to experience from what you don't. And if you find yourself reconsidering an option you dismissed in the past, then there's a good reason for that.


Pisces : Feb 20th - Mar 21st

If you take a stand or exert your individuality now, then others will likely admire your innovative thinking and courage. Be willing to challenge lazily-accepted 'norms.' But don't make the mistake of distancing yourself from anyone who doesn't support or embrace your views. Lead by example, but do it gently rather than forcefully.