Aries : Mar 21st - April 21st

Sometimes, we can't help but look at a situation and focus on what we believe will go wrong with it. We prime ourselves for imminent danger in the same way Prehistoric Man did toward fierce beasts. It's how we're 'wired,' and that will never change. But when we discover we primed ourselves for a negative outcome that doesn't happen, then we feel a strong sense of relief. You will no doubt appreciate the feeling of comfort that comes your way, now or shortly.


Taurus : Apr 21st - May 22nd

People often speak about being 'armed with information.' It's the word 'armed' that is intimidating. It implies we intend to use information defensively or hurtfully. Information coming your way now or shortly could cause you to alter an opinion about a particular person - and also decide how you might use it. The best thing to do is to accept what you've learned and let others draw their own conclusions.


Gemini : May 22nd - Jun 22nd

If achieving a basic result will suffice, then it can often make sense to aim a bit higher to increase the likelihood of hitting the more ambitious target we usually considered setting initially. Although that might appear to be common sense, you could benefit from aiming a bit higher than you're used to in some way now. Step outside of a particular comfort zone - and then see what even a modicum of extra effort brings.


Cancer : Jun 22nd - Jul 24th

You might, in some way, feel like a knight galloping on a noble steed alone into battle. No archers assist in the background. None of your fellow knights ride alongside you. The battle appears to be one you must win alone - or unsupported. However, in truth, what you're heading toward is more of a 'necessary discussion' than a fierce confrontation. So, relax.


Leo : Jul 24th - Aug 24th

A request – or possibly a demand – made by a particular person could be seen as a 'tall order.' This might also cause you to feel uncertain about whether you can deliver it. The first question to ask yourself should surround whether you're obliged to do so. If you are, then fine. However, an arrangement can't be as 'one way' as it appears to be. Whatever is expected of you is something that should be shared, and needn't be shouldered entirely by you.


Virgo : Aug 24th - Sep 24th

You might feel a responsibility is yours to shoulder. It's also possible you want to do so alone because you'd prefer praise or recognition to be yours, and that's understandable. However, you're dealing with situations that form part of a bigger picture, and some are connected with a new direction you're heading toward. So, ask for help or guidance where you know either or both are needed. Don't rule out how integral at least one person can be to an important plan.


Libra : Sep 24th - Oct 24th

How does that old saying go about pleasing people? We can please some people some of the time and, as for others? Well, maybe they're just tough to please! You might feel you're in a lose/lose situation where placating a particular person is concerned, and any effort made to do so will likely be in vain. However, you can come up with a solution that suits you both. Give a compromise trying to get your attention a bit more time to become clearer.


Scorpio : Oct 24th - Nov 23rd

Where our futures are concerned and whether we're aware of it or not, each of us follows a plan of some kind. Either we pursue one that will, with consistent effort, get us to where we want to be, or we follow one destined to miss the desired target. With that in mind, what plan are you following now? A chance to get one back on track looks set to present itself. If you sense it still holds massive potential, then you're absolutely right.


Sagittarius : Nov 23rd - Dec 23rd

There could be numerous reasons why you're in what could be described as a 'lucky' or fortuitous situation. The consistent effort you've invested in some way plays a large part in this, but even you might question how it has brought you to where you are now. Resist any urge to be cautious or suspicious of your advantageous position. Above all, don't convince yourself that someone else might be more deserving of it.


Capricorn : Dec 23rd - Jan 21st

Might you feel unappreciated? Although this is something we all feel at times, you may have invested considerable effort on others' behalves recently and feel that much of what you do is assumed and accepted. Perhaps you don't even expect gratitude most of the time but would naturally like your efforts to be acknowledged. The good news? You can expect a heartwarming development soon.


Aquarius : Jan 21st - Feb 20th

Magnifying anything always reveals a different perspective on whatever we're looking at due to us seeing it as 'bigger' than it really is. Sometimes, it can be fascinating to see something inflated from the usual viewpoint we see it in. Try to bear that in mind where your assessment of a particular situation is concerned. Might it appear intimidating only because it's exaggerated in some way? Chances are, that is the case.


Pisces : Feb 20th - Mar 21st

We must often need indisputable evidence to confirm that we have no reason to be doubtful or pessimistic in some way. It doesn't matter how many words of encouragement we receive or what we tell ourselves, doubt and pessimism can easily override confidence and optimism if we allow them to. If it's a reason to feel hopeful and encouraged that you want to experience now, then trust that one is coming – imminently!